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Welcome to The Law Enforcement And Public Safety Network. This page provides basic guidance to the LEAPS.TV viewer and will shorten the time it takes to begin getting the most from this site.

LEAPS.TV is divided into eight specific channels as shown on the left, plus one channel that is not shown. The eight primary channels provide access to content specific to:
- Sheriff & Police
- Fire & Rescue
- Emergency Calling
- Emergency Management
- Public Health & Emergency Medical
- Jail & Corrections
- Campus & School Security
A channel called the Law Enforcement And Public Safety (LEAPS) channel contains content that is of common interest across all of the other eight channels. Hovering over any of the channel photos with the mouse will reveal a full color photo underneath. Clicking on the color photo will take you to the Channel Guide for that specific channel. The Channel Guides are also available via the pull down LEAPS TV GUIDE menu, as are the full LEAPS.TV Guide which includes all programs, organizaed by channel, and other useful information.

Within each CHANNEL GUIDE and within the complete LEAPS.TV GUIDE are individual GUIDE ENTRIES for each program. Several options are available to the viewer for each program. An active option for a given program will have a button for that option, similar to the sample guide entry that follows:

The very first position has a special bullet character. It has two purposes. The first is to tell you the type of content: A circular bullet means BROADCAST content. BROADCAST content is completely free to view but requires registration. A star character (sometimes other characters on certain browsers) means SYNDICATED content. SYNDICATED content is delivered from other web sites, known as SYNDICATION POINTS, and in most cases registration is not required. A $ means that there is a fee to view the content. This particular content is called Pay-Per-View, just like traditional television, cable and satellite TV. (You will note that you are probably already familiar with our terminology because even though LEAPS.TV is considered Internet, or new media, we have borrowed familar terms from traditional broadcast television.) The second function of the bullet is to create a special Uniform Resource Locator (URL), or link. If you click on the special bullet character the particular entry will be positioned as near the top of the screen as possible and in the browser's URL window a special link will appear that will take the viewer directly to that entry in the LEAPS.TV Guide. This is a very useful way to bookmark a specific program or to create a link that will take someone else directly to the LEAPS.TV Guide entry.

Next is the PROGRAM TITLE. The PROGRAM TITLE is bold and underlined. Clicking on the PROGRAM TITLE will open the PROGRAM DESCRIPTION in a new window. We will describe the PROGRAM DESCRIPTION after this explanation of the GUIDE ENTRY.

Next is the programs BRIEF, or BRIEF DESCRIPTION, followed by the program type and the length of the program rounded up to the nearest minute. There are a variety of program types available, such as a program that is a part of a series, a special, a briefing format and others.

The next line in a smaller font and italics is a quick summary of the program status which is followed by the option buttons referred to earlier.
The DESCRIPTION button will open a new window and display a full PROGRAM DESCRIPTION. The PROGRAM DESCRIPTION is described completely following these button descriptions.
The DEBUT button is displayed prior to the release date of a per-recorded program. Clicking the DEBUT button will allow the viewer to register for the program's first showing. A reminder email will be sent prior to the debut.
The LIVE button is displayed prior to the date and time of a live program. Clicking the LIVE button will allow the viewer to register for the live program. Within one week of a live program it will return as a fully edited program, called a RERUN.
Clicking on the RERUN button will allow the viewer to register to view the fully edited version of a live program when it is available, which is within one week of the date of the live program. A reminder email will be sent when the rerun program is available.
Clicking on the VIEW NOW button allows the viewer to see a LEAPS.TV program immediately. Registration is required but viewing the program is free if the bullet character is a circle bullet. If the bullet character is a $ then the program may be viewed for a fee. If the bullet character is a star no registraion but the program is delivered from another web site. Registration may be required and/or a fee may be required, depending upon the rules of the SYNDICATION POINT web site.
Clicking on the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) button allows the program to be viewed and a test to be taken and, if the test is passed, a CEU certificate to be issued. Per the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/International Association of Continuing Education Training (IACET) standards record of the certificate is maintained permanently. LEAPS.TV programs may or may not be certified for POST or in-service credit. Check with your training officer or state training authority for details.
Clicking on the PowerPoint button allows the entire PowerPoint of the program to be downloaded. This is a full PowerPoint (.ppt) version and can be edited and modified in any way. LEAPS.TV encourages the downloading and customization of our content for specific, non-profit use by any and all law enforcement and public safety agencies and other organizations. If you wish to use LEAPS.TV content to deliver for-profit training contact us at info@leaps.tv.
Clicking on the DOCUMENTS button, if present, will open the PROGRAM DESCRIPTION in a new window and jump directly to the DOCUMENTS section at the bottom of the PROGRAM DESCRIPTION. The documents provide additional reading material before, after, or in lieu of, the program.
Clicking on the PODCAST button allows the viewer to download an MP3 audio podcast file of the program which can be played on any iPod or MP3 player, including desktop, personal and notebook computers and any MP3-capable telephone or similar device.
The Q&A FORUM button opens a new window and takes the viewer to the most appropriate Question & Answer Forum for the program. The Q&A Forum allows the viewer to see questions and answers from other viewers as well as providing the ability to ask a question and get an answer. Viewers who ask questions on the Q&A Forum will receive an email when their question is answered.
The QUIZ button opens another window and displays a quiz on the program content. Per ANSI/IACET standards ten quiz questions are drawn randomly from a pool of thirty for each hour of content. The QUIZ option can be used as a pre-test and post-test to determine how much was learned from the program, only as a pre-test to determine if the viewer needs to view the program or only as a post, or exit, test. Test scores are not stored.
The CD/DVD button opens a new window and allows the viewer to purchase the program on a CD or DVD, depending upon the number of minutes of programming.
The full PROGRAM DESCRIPTION provides detailed information on the program content. At the top of the description key information from the PROGRAM GUIDE entry is repeated, including the active program feature buttons followed by the full program description. The program description is written to allow the viewer to determine if they should view this program or not. We try to make the program description as informative as possible and as factual while keeping it interesting to read.

After the program description is the "share this with a friend" button. We encourage viewers to let friends and colleagues know when they have found a program in which their friend or colleague may have an interest.

The next section shows the name, organization and title of the program guests or presenters followed by their professional biographies.

The next section shows the name, organization and title of the program moderator, if any. Not all programs have moderators.

Most programs have behind the scenes program or series advisors and they are listed next.

The next to final section list documents that can be read before the program, after the program or, sometimes, in lieu of watching the program, depending upon the level of interest and knowledge needs of the viewer.

The final section shows the sponsors who have paid for the production of the program. LEAPS.TV policies are very strict with regards to sponsor mentions or product placement and very often the only recognition a sponsor gets is having their logo listed here and on the final screens of the program.

It is also possible to list all VIEWER RESOURCES (white papers, articles, etc) independent of the program to which they belong by choosing the VIEWER RESOURCES pick from the VIEWER pull-down menu.

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