LEAPS.TV 3G = Third Generation
As a knowledge conduit LEAPS.TV delivers the finest educational programs featuring top trainers, thought leaders and visionaries in a unique way that has been developed by LEAPS.TV based on time-proven, tried and true adult learning models and adapted by LEAPS.TV to the special learning needs of law enforcement and public safety. A cornerstone of the LEAPS.TV model is that information is presented in the way that is most desirable to the learner coupled with a consistent, on-line testing mechanism that is independent of the way in which knowledge is acquired.

Additionally, LEAPS.TV works diligently to assure that LEAPS.TV Continuing Education Units are readily accepted by the widest possible range of agencies and associations. LEAPS.TV works with Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and similar organizations to assure that our training meets the high standards of those organizations. For additional information please consult your State Liaison.

LEAPS.TV delivers four Program Types:
  1. Broadcast: Available to any law enforcement and public safety persons. Registration required per program.
  2. Private Learning Channel (PLC): Available only to individuals within a specific Private Learning Channel (PLC). PLC registration required. PLC pricing applies to LEAPS.TV programs delivered on an agency or organization's Learning Management System (LMS).
  3. Pay-Per-View: Produced in conjunction with individual professional trainers and training organizations.
  4. Private Label: Produced using the LEAPS.TV Knowledge Transfer Model but without the LEAPS.TV logo. For private non-LEAPS.TV use.
Each of the four Program Types are available in the following formats. Additionally there are three levels of program sponsorship which can apply to the first three Program Types. Private Label programs are always fully paid by a Financial Sponsor. The three types of Sponsorship are:
  • LEAPS.TV Sponsored: Program costs are paid entirely by LEAPS>TV.
  • Partner Sponsored: Program costs are paid entirely by LEAPS.TV or shared by LEAPS.TV and a media or education partner.
  • Finacially Sponsored: Program costs are paid entirely by a financial sponsor.
This page describes all of the formats and options for all LEAPS.TV 3G programs. Eventually all LEAPS.TV programs in all 8 channels will be updated to 3G. Pricing information is also included on this page.
The LEAPS.TV Guest is the building block person from whom all LEAPS.TV Broadcast programs are built. It is an uncompensated position but arguably the most important position within the LEAPS.TV universe. Why would anyone want to be a LEAPS.TV guest? There are probably as many reasons as there are quests. Some are subject matter experts who would like to share their knowledge, often appearing in a LEAPS.TV program in lieu of an appearance at a conference or in addition to it. Some guests are visionaries and thinkers who use LEAPS.TV to reach a broader, or more specific, audience with their message. Still other guests are making an appearance to satisfy a requirement that all Pay-Per-View Content Providers first appear as a guest. This is a mandatory test drive prior to entering into a longer term relationship with LEAPS.TV. Whatever the reason, guests provide the critical knowledge that flows through the LEAPS.TV conduit out to our thousands of viewers and rightly deserve the respect and appreciation of all of their law enforcement and public safety peers for their unselfish contributions.

For more information on being a guest on LEAPS.TV you may also consult the Guest Info Page, the Guest Info Sheet, or Guest Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you have an idea for a program or would like to be a guest on a program already being planned submit the Work With LEAPS.TV Inquiry Form.

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