LEAPS.TV PPV Content Providers
LEAPS.TV makes every effort to provide no cost programs but some people earn some or all of their living providing training. LEAPS.TV supports them by making their knowledge available to you as low cost Pay-Per-View programs. These individuals and organizations have been approved to provide Pay-Per-View Content to the LEAPS.TV community.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams is a working Sheriff's Commander and legal advisor to the Sheriff. He also runs one of the top 287(g) programs in the country. Michael draws on his field experience balanced with a deep understanding and appreciation for constitutional la
Tactical Edge
Tactical Edge is a leading training company staffed by active law enforcement officers. Tactical Edge has taught numerous times in all 50 states and is now partnering with LEAPS.TV to make their unique and specialized training available online, 24x7x365.
Karl P. Ullrich, Ph.D.
Karl P. Ullrich, Ph.D. is a former agent for the US Immigration and Naturalization Service as well as other law enforcement agencies. He is an expert in a diverse range of disciplines from behavioral issues to document verification and forgery. Still acti
Patrick Coyle
Patrick Coyle is a 15 year Infantry and 16 year chemistry industry veteran devoted exclusively now to writing a daily blog and delivering training on chemical security and safety issues. His blog, the Chemical Facility Security News, examines the i

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