Web Logs, or blogs, are a convenient and simple way to transfer knowledge and share thoughts on a variety of topics. Blogs can be one direction, from the blogger to you, or can be conversations in near real time. Some blogs tell stories, others comment on events and still others will provide meaningful timelines for years to come. The following blogs are of particular interest to the law enforcement and public safety community. Please note that the comments on these blogs do not, necessarily, represent the views of the management or staff of LEAPS.TV.
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leapstv blog
James P. Cavanagh
Thoughts, ideas and comments from the Executive Producer of LEAPS.TV.
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Jessica Vaughan's Immigration Blog
Jessica Vaughan
Informed commentary on immigration and immigration law enforcement issues. Jessica Vaughan is the Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies (www.cis.org) and Producer of LEAPS.TV's Immigration Law Enforcement (ILE) Series.
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The IJIS Factor
Paul Wormeli
The IJIS Institute unites the private and public sectors to improve critical information sharing for those who provide public safety and administer justice in our communities. Paul has appeared on LEAPS.TV programs related to technology and data sharing.
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Chemical Facility Security News
Patrick J. Coyle
News and views about chemical facility security, transportation of hazardous chemicals, and the federal laws and rules governing the same. Patrick Coyle is a LEAPS.TV content provider on the topic of chemical facility security, law enforcement and public
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The 287G Force
Lt. Michael Lindsay
Questions, answers and discussion about immigration law enforcement with Lt. Michael Lindsay.
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NVFC B.E.S.T. Blog
National Volunteer Fire Council
For the health and safety of all firefighters and emergency medical responders.
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The Fit Responder Blog
Bryan Fass
Bryan Fass's Fit Responder Program is designed to identify and correct the rigors of a career in public safety. This is the blog.
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The SWAT Debrief Blog
Sgt Craig Losty
The debrief - the open, candid, rankless after action discussion of what was done right and what can be done better next time - lies at the heart of the continuous improvement that gives any SWAT or QRT their leading edge. This blog provides a place for open discussion and the sharing of ideas on all things related to special weapons and tactics and quick response.

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